Frequently Asked Questions


Who uses TextShout?

TextShout is a built to help facilitate personalized conversations from a recruiter or manager to a candidate or employee.

Can I use TextShout for anything else besides recruiting or employee engagement?

TextShout offers a passive platform to help support corporate recruiting and employee engagement texting strategies. All customers bear the sole responsibility to and agree to remain compliant with federal, state, local, and communication laws and regulations in using TextShout.

Can I send more than a 160 character message?

No. The Global System for Mobile Communications, who sets the standards for the global mobile market, standardized 160 for the length of a text message across all carriers. It also happens to be the standard size of digital conversations.

How do I know when someone texts me?

You’ll receive a desktop notification. Additionally, you’ll see the number of unread texts in the TextShout icon on the right-hand side of your screen. 

How are my texts being sent?

Your texts are being sent by you and transmitted through the TextShout technology instantly to the candidate’s phone number.  TextShout does not draft, control or otherwise direct your messages; it acts simply as a passive platform.

Where do the texts go?

Texts are received in the native texting application on an individual’s cell phone.

Can I save text templates?

Yes. You can activate up to 3 templates at a time and change them as frequently as you’d like.

What happens if someone calls my TextRecruit number?

There is a voicemail set up to notify the user that this is a TextShout number and to contact via text.

Can I use my own cell number?

No. The value of TextShout is separating your personal texting from your professional. All texting will be done by you through the application.


How many users can I have on the system?

You can choose to have as many or as few as you’d like. However, many teams prefer to have their own, separate accounts and phone numbers to more easily manage communications and/or get access to a higher text allotment.  You bear the sole responsibility of monitoring your account(s) those with account access.

How can I increase the number of text messages?

TextShout is set up to be a personalized conversation from recruiter to candidate or manager to employee. We intentionally limit the amount of monthly text credits a single seat can have.  If you need to increase the number of texts, register for an additional TextShout account or text us to upgrade your package.

Where do I see my billing information?

On the settings icon, you can review your monthly usage and plan.

How can I change or cancel my subscription?

Click the settings gear in the bottom right of the TextShout app. On the Account tab, you’ll see a link to text us to cancel services.

What happens to my phone number if I cancel services?

If you cancel services, you can choose to purchase your phone number for $1,000.



Is TextShout legal?

Subscribers bear the sole responsibility in complying with state and federal laws in utilizing TextShout.  TextShout is a platform enabling companies to deliver and track text messages to job candidates or current employees that have agreed to receive texting communication from the organization. All subscribers accept TextShout’s Terms and Conditions during the sign-up process which defines the laws and regulations that they must follow for compliance. Subscribers utilizing TextShout technology should seek their own legal advice on texting compliance to ensure you follow all Federal, State, and Local communication laws and regulations.

Does a TextShout have an unsubscribe function?

Yes! When a candidate responds to a text message with an unsubscribe request, TextShout attempts to automatically identify their request. Once identified, we will automatically unsubscribe the candidate from all future text communication from the user account. However, it is your sole responsibility as a TextShout user to ensure compliance with subscription rules as well as Federal, State, and Local laws and regulations concerning texting compliance.

Can I purchase lists of candidates and use them in TextShout?


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